I’m Back!

I’m not sure if there’s anyone still following my blog–it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted anything–but if there is, I’m pleased to announce … I have returned.

I’ve been busy for the past ten months writing and editing my upcoming book, The Peg Leg Politician: Adam Huntsman and Tennessee Frontier Politics. My deadline keeps getting pushed forward, but right now it’s tentatively scheduled for release in September. Hopefully I can still take advantage of the political campaign season to help promote the book and that fact that it’s the 175th anniversary of the fateful 1835 Congressional election that saw Adam Huntsman beat the celebrated David Crockett. If Huntsman had lost and Crockett won, history and legend would have been forever changed: Crockett would not have gone to Texas, and would not have died at the Alamo.
Huntsman is an interesting and colorful–though overlooked–figure in Tennessee political history. Hopefully this new biography will give him a little recognition.

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