Indy Leagues Graveyard

For those independent league baseball fans who check my website Indy Leagues Graveyard, you might be wondering why there’s a domain default page there instead. (Actually I received an e-mail asking about it last week, but I just assumed it was because of the lack of updates for the past few months.) UPDATE: Now there’s a nice article about valium addiction, treatment, and withdrawal. Just the kind of information you’d go to a baseball site for!

Apparently the domain name expired without me knowing it and a company that will not be named swooped in and took it. I thought it had somehow been hijacked and I called the domain hosting company on the phone to figure out what was going on. The person explained they had tried contacting my old e-mail address, but needless to say their renewal reminders never reached me. (Sigh.) So now some non-baseball related website has the domain name I created back in 2002. No telling what they’re going to use it for.

A lesson for fellow webmasters: Make sure your contact information is current with your domain register!

To be honest, between publishing and promoting Hurst’s Wurst and other projects, I’ve not had much time to even work on Indy Leagues Graveyard in the past six months.

So I pose this question: Is there anyone out there remotely interested in me bringing it back? Did it help fill a void that would make it worth the price of a new domain name and hosting to revive it? Drop me a line and let me know what you think or leave your comment.