St. Louis Cardinals Book Collection

As baseball author and book reviewer Ron Kaplan notes on his blog, the 2013 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox will spawn a slew of books about the winning team before the holidays.

It’s interesting for me to see the collections of fellow book collectors/hoarders, and sometimes they share photos of them on their blogs or in Facebook groups such as Baseball Books. Ron, a devoted Yankees New York Mets fan,* shared his modest collection of Red Sox titles.

Before Game 6 of the Series commences tonight, I thought I’d share my Cardinals book collection. (A few titles are buried under papers and index cards on my desk, as I need them for the biography of Ken Boyer I’m writing.)

* Big correction: Ron is a Mets fan, NOT a Yankees fan. Big difference!

Cardinals Books_2

Cardinals Books_1

Cardinals Books_3


2 thoughts on “St. Louis Cardinals Book Collection

  1. Thanks for the mention, Kevin, but I’m curious: what is it in my writing that leads everyone to believe I’m a devout Yankees fan? Perhaps it’s the Yankee Fantasy Camp video on the Home Page. But watch the video and towards the end, you’ll learn who I really am.

    • Sorry about that, Ron. You’re right about the Yankees video clip leading me to believe that. I always thought you were a Yankees fan!

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