Another Book Progress Report

Wow, it’s been almost two months since I last posted to my blog! Not that I heard a clamor from anyone who reads it for my whereabouts, but I thought I would check back in nonetheless.

I’ve still working on edits and rewriting a few chapters for my book Adam Huntsman: The Peg-Legged Politician over the summer in anticipation of its release this fall. I’ve also commissioned a talented young artist who is working on three unique artistic additions to the book that I’m very excited about. More news on this book project in the weeks to come.

I will be giving a talk in late October on the subject of my last book Hurst’s Wurst: Colonel Fielding Hurst and the Sixth Tennessee Cavalry U.S.A. Details are still being worked out, but I should be able to make an announcement later this week. It’s been a while since I returned to anything related to Hurst and I’m looking forward to revisiting his story and that of the Sixth Tennessee (Union) Cavalry.

I haven’t been posting to my blog the past few months, but I have been tweeting on Twitter and built a decent 500+ tweets over the summer. There’s a few updates on my projects, but mostly I share links to newspaper articles and blog posts I come across having to do with U.S. history, Tennessee history, and U.S. Presidents. I hope you’ll follow me there!


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