Merry Christmas!

I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! It’s a special time of the year when we spend a little extra time with our families, treasure memories of our childhoods, and make new ones with our own children. It’s also a time to remember our loved ones who have gone to be with the Lord.

I pray that everyone will be safe in their holiday travels (even those who choose to pass in the right lane or drive 90+ mph). Give yourself a little extra time to get there.

Seriously, thank you to everyone who reads this humble blog and cares about the goings-on in my writing life. Merry Christmas–may God bless you and your family!


No Respect at All

Among such compassionate prose as “We deeply sympathize with the family of the late James Parker on his death” and “With sadness we announce the death of the young and talented Dr. B.F. Moore, late of Whiteville,” the Bolivar (TN) Bulletin noted in its 20 April 1882 edition:

“The notorious Col. Fielding Hurst of McNairy is dead.”

Hurst passed away in northwest McNairy County, Tennessee on 3 April 1882. So far this is the only notice of his death that I have found.

Seeking Family Stories of Civil War West Tennessee

With Hurst’s Wurst now published and selling reasonably well, I’ve begun looking ahead to new book projects and considering a few different subjects to work on.

One idea I have is a book with stories of what people on the home front experienced during the Civil War, particularly in West Tennessee. I am especially interested in stories of guerrilla attacks on homes and farms and what people did to defend themselves or simply survive. Some of these I’ve already shared in my latest book, but I’m sure there are many more that have never been recorded or at least published. It’s hard to imagine what the “common folk” went through, living under the constant fear of soldiers–both Union and Confederate–foraging on their property for the “greater good” of the armies, not to mention the home guards and guerrillas who pretty much did as they pleased.

I’d love to hear your stories!

Help Keep Bionic Woman on the Air!

OK, this post will sound a little weird for this blog, but here goes…

Anyone who was a kid in the mid to late 70’s remembers the TV shows “The Six Million Dollar Man” and “The Bionic Woman.” Who didn’t have the Steve Austin action figure (it was big enough technically to be a “doll,” but boys don’t play with “dolls,” right?) with the glass eye that you peeked through from the back of his head? Hey, I actually had one for Oscar Goldman, if you can believe that! Needless to say, it’s one of the few shows I can remember watching all the time when I was a little kid.

“The Bionic Woman” was a spin-off of “The Six Million Dollar Man,” and being the SMDM geek I was, I watched it too. So I was curious when NBC decided to revive the show and give it a 21st Century makeover. I started watching the new version every Wednesday night on NBC (9 p.m. Central time) and I kinda like it. It’s more serious and a bit darker than the campy original we grew up with, but I kinda like it. The action is much better (remember the slow-mo moves when Jamie would leap in the air and come back down, or when she hit or kicked someone?) and there’s more attention given to the character herself and what she’s going through as the show progresses. (I haven’t caught that “bionic” sound effect yet–hopefully I won’t. You know, the one we all imitated in the backyard–you know you did it, too!)

Unfortunately, there must not be enough of us Children of the Seventies who are watching it, and there’s a chance it may not survive the ongoing writers’ strike. I’d hate to see it be cancelled; frankly, it’s the only reason I watch NBC. If you like the new show and want to keep it on the air, please sign this online petition to NBC brass.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog content!