Proof of a Ghost in the Hurst Home?

(I intended to add this post on Halloween, but my computer’s hard drive decided to die and left me without Internet access for the past week.)

My last post concerned Russell Ingle’s “Ghosts of Purdy” article that mentioned the possibility that Fielding Hurst’s home could be haunted. Until I exchanged a series of e-mails last week, I had never heard–let alone seen photos–that there might just be something to it!

I mentioned that I had been there last November and had even walked inside, but saw nothing except a terribly vandalized historic home. Randy Lute sent me an e-mail two days before Halloween and shared what he experienced when he ventured into the Hurst home. Having read the article in last week’s McNairy County Independent Appeal and being interested in old homes and barns, Randy drove to Purdy and took some photos of the outside of the Hurst home. He walked inside and even went upstairs and looked around. “My heart was racing,” he recalled. “[N]ot scared, but [my] heart was racing.”

Later, he uploaded the photos from his digital camera into his home computer. He zoomed in on the window above the front door of the house and saw a very disturbing image he had not seen the day he was there. “I’m here to tell you, what I saw looking at me out that window stood the hairs on the back of my neck on end,” he wrote. “There’s a face looking out of that window, and it’s not a happy looking face. [It’s a] stern, mean, cold look.” He claimed to see not one, but two faces in the window.

“I want you to know I’m not doing drugs or drinking,” Randy assured me. “I’m a stone cold, sober, decent kind of man.”

I had no cause to doubt him and he promised to send me photos to prove it. Needless to say, my curiosity was piqued. I love to hear ghost stories, especially with a local flavor, but still I was a bit skeptical.

Until I saw the photos.

Here’s the photo Randy took of the front of the house.

It wasn’t until he zoomed in on the window situated directly above the front door and porch roof that he saw this image.

In the middle pane’s upper left-hand corner, there’s what appears to be a human face!

I’ll add the other photos he sent me, but this one was the creepiest one to me.


3 thoughts on “Proof of a Ghost in the Hurst Home?

  1. I was in Purdy last week. I have several interesting pictures from the “black” cemetery. I have a picture of the Hurst House which has a face in the window to the left of the one on your site. If you would like to see the picture, please let me know how to send it to you. E-mail is lrgreene@tva.govRook Greene

  2. Hello my name is Rich. I run Tri-State Paranormal Society based out of Dyersburg TN. I would be interested in bringing my team to Purdy to do a full investigation if that is possible. Would you know who I need to contact to get permission? Also would you be interested in going along with the team being you are aware of the location already?ThanksRichTri-State Paranormal Society

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