Hurst’s Wurst is Finally Done

Welcome to my first entry in my new blog! Hopefully they will interesting, entertaining, or sad enough for you to check back from time to time and see what’s up. I’ll do my best to write something either here or on the website at least every other day.

I feel as if a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders. What began as a little rewriting here and there became a much more involved revision of my book Hurst’s Wurst: Col. Fielding Hurst and the Sixth Tennessee Cavalry U.S.A. that took me a year-and-a-half to complete. Like all my books, it’s self-published so there’s no big bankroll in NYC sending me royalty checks. It’s all up to me to spread the word. But that’s the way I like it! I am using the publishing services of Lulu for the printing. I’ve been impressed with their work thus far and I’m looking forward to my first proof copy arriving in the mail early next week.

This is the fourth edition of a book that began in 1993 as a typewritten manuscript (I didn’t own a PC at the time) photocopied at Kinko’s Copies, where I worked when I was in college. Fourteen years later, it will be published as I always hoped one day it would: as a hardbound (and softbound), professional quality book. It has probably been my most popular work to date based on the letters and e-mails I’ve received over the last five years or so asking if I had any copies left. I wanted something better than a photocopied manuscript, but it wasn’t until I discovered Lulu that I was able to produce the kind of book I wanted.

Thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered books so far. It’s humbling to know readers are interested in what I write. I’ll do my best to ship your copies as soon as I receive them. I will keep everyone posted.


One thought on “Hurst’s Wurst is Finally Done

  1. Hi Kevin –
    You left a comment on my blog, “GenealogyFrameofMind” with regards to Fielding Hurst, who is a cousin to my husband Mark. Email me directly at karenATmiprofgenieDOTcom and we can chat….

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